The Many Doubts We Have Before Our First Therapy Session

Change is hard. It usurps the way we’re used to doing things. It makes sense, doesn’t it? When we’ve been doing things a certain way, trying to change those habits and patterns feels almost impossible. You want us to start waking up an hour earlier everyday? Pass. Switch from caffeine to lemon water? No, thank you.

But at the same time (as cliche as it sounds), change is the only constant we have in our lives. No change is as monumental as deciding to pick up that phone or laptop and booking your first therapy session. The hesitation, uncertainty, or maybe even excitement, we understand it all. ‍

Even though “it be like that sometimes” is way less scary, therapy gives us a safe space to explore ourselves and grow into change. Therapy can be a little scary in the beginning because like everything else, it also requires work from our ends. Our minds might be buzzing with a million questions and uncertainties. Here are some doubts you might be grappling with as you make your way to your first session:

  1. Is it okay to cry in my first session?😢

That’s a common concern. What if we end up crying in our very first session and our therapists judge us? Is it too much too soon? Like one therapist said to us recently, “don’t worry, it’s my job to make you cry.” Jokes aside, it’s completely okay to cry in your first session, or second, or third. Crying is a sign you’re unbottling and talking about something that’s affecting you. 

  1. Should I make a list of everything I want to talk about?📜

That could be one way to go about it! Having a general idea of what you want to address in your sessions is a good starting point. But again, try not to put too much pressure on yourself to carry your first session. It’s also your therapist’s job to help with the flow of the session and ask you questions. 

  1. How much should I share?🫢  

Again, there’s no set formula of what your first session will look like. You’re allowed to share how much you feel comfortable sharing. As you build more rapport with your therapist, it’ll get easier to dig deeper. 

  1. What if I don’t like my therapist? What if it’s awkward?😬

Finding the right fit for a therapist can take some time. You might have to work with several before you find the right one or you might click with the first one you find. Either way, if you feel uncomfortable during your first session, it’s completely alright to not want to continue with that therapist. You may also want to try a few more sessions to see if you really did not click with them. 

  1. Do I even deserve help? 

A common thought that many face while beginning therapy is, “are our problems even big enough to seek help?” When it comes to distress, we can’t compare ours to others. You deserve the support you need and we’re so proud if you’re doing that for yourself! And if you find yourself hesitating, we at Pause are right behind you! Finding a great match for a therapist has never been easier. Just take an M.S.E. today and book your free discovery call.

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The Many Doubts We Have Before Our First Therapy Session

The Many Doubts We Have Before Our First Therapy Session