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"The lockdowns threw me into a deep depression as life plans, career and relationships were turned totally upside down. Pause helped me get back on track mentally and physically by giving me the tools, guidance and motivation for me to help myself. I was so relieved to finally find a therapist who could understand who I am on my own terms”


“Anyone who’s ever sought therapy knows that it can be an extremely unnerving process at the outset, peppered with a litany of doubts. The lovely folks at Pause facilitated this process for me with tremendous care and sensitivity, connecting me with the person I felt was right for me. Not only that, Pause’s team continues to check in on me routinely and inquire as to my progress and how they can better serve my needs.”

Sahil Seth
Travel & Hospitality Consultant

“It's been 3 months since I first reached out to the team at Pause. I can confidently say today that the word 'family' isn't used lightly by anyone on the team. From my first discovery call with Aditi and the many sessions I've taken with Aakanksha ever since, I have never once felt overwhelmed or alone through the otherwise heavy process of therapy. On some of my toughest days I've found solace in just knowing that I have a wonderful set of understanding friends (and Pookie) to go back to.” 


I sought out therapy with Pause due to their structured approach tounderstanding my needs and an attitude of helping that their therapists embody.It has been a great support on my journey so far as their regular updates, amore nuanced feedback on our discussions and a caring format to ourconversations have helped me feel safe and comfortable. I am grateful for thechanges they are trying to bring in the mental health sector, especially forpeople in high-stress professions.

Freelance Book Editor

I didn't once feel pressured by the idea of having to do "this therapy thing" because the whole process with Pause works like a well-oiled machine. I don't have to worry about a lot of stuff I struggled with when it came to my previous therapist. It's refreshing to not feel anxious about the admin bit, I just click on a link & show up for my session & I'm basically done. I've referred Pause to EVERYONE I know & your approachability is just amazing. The MSE is really helpful since most people (myself included) are really scared of making first contact and exploring what their issues even are with a real person. I feel calmer, more organized, sorted & just more in control of my life. I've actually gone through some very adverse & harrowing experiences since I got into therapy & I must say, I didn't even know I had the strength to withstand so much and even somehow manage to come out of all of it stronger and happier. A huge thumbs up from me, I'll continue sending people your way!

Vardhman Jain
Founder, Bonomi Coffee

Pause Therapy has been a lifesaver for me. For years, I struggled with OCD and anxiety, and I felt trapped in a cycle of taking antidepressants to manage my symptoms. But after working with the team at Pause Therapy, I was able to overcome my OCD and reduce my dependence on medication. Their compassionate and personalized approach to therapy helped me develop the skills I needed to manage my thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. I'm so grateful to have found Pause Therapy, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their mental health. I would also like to highlight their unique matching engine that helps match the client with the correct therapist based on initial screening call done by their CCO.


Looking for a therapist is never easy. I always had numbers but never the courage to call them up and fix an appointment. From that standpoint, Pause seemed perfect; It took minimal effort from my end apart from clicking on a mouse, after which they did the hard yards to find the right person for me.Beyond their matchmaking skills (therapist wise), the ease with which the logistics of sessions are handled, the care and time they have for their client, shows a real empathetic side that makes you feel very comfortable when you’re at your most vulnerable.And what more could one ask for, given the constructs in which I’m writing this piece.

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