My family & other animals.

My family & other animals.

If each unique voice is valued, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Build better relationships in your family with a psychologist best fit for your needs.

With over 5 years of experience, our therapists deliver family therapy thats confidential, empathetic & progress oriented.

Empathetic and Effective?!

Empathetic and Effective?!

Empathetic and Effective?!


clients in family therapy notice progress


clients in family therapy notice progress


clients in family therapy notice progress


of people report an improvement in their emotional health


of people report an improvement in their emotional health


of people report an improvement in their emotional health

Don't take our word for it though.

Reeallly good Therapists

With 5 years of family experience, & an understanding of families in the Indian context, you & your family are in good hands.

Effective Care

Space to navigate your individual voice & sessions focused on the strength of the family. Tailored for you and your family.

Swift Onboarding

12 hours for your discovery call. 24 hours to a therapist match & less than 1 week to your first session.

Confidential Sessions

What happens in your session, stays in session. Not even your family would know. Open up without fear.

Start your new favourite ritual by

Filling out the Intake

Answer a few questions that helps highlight some important aspects of your family dynamics and concerns for broader context

Doing a discovery call

Explain your concerns to our psychologists & get matched to your family therapist within 24 hours.

Take a Pause

Get on-boarded & start your sessions within a week of reaching out to us.

Simple enough?

Still got questions?

Do we need family therapy? We think we can get better otherwise.

While in the short term, a family vacation might help, it won't addresses the brewing concerns like an experienced therapist does.

By being vulnerable in the safe space created, navigate the challenges experienced in the family dynamics through effective communication.

How do I know you guys are good?

We bring you the kind of care we'd want for ourselves. Our therapists, each with over 5 years of experience, specially trained in relationship and family therapy, are committed to ensuring you and your family have sessions that truly make a difference. We make sure you stay satisfied throughout your journey individually and together.

How long does it take for therapy to work?

Depending on the severity of your concerns, how much work you are willing to put in & how regular you are, the process varies.

Some of our most consistent clients with short term concerns wanting quick results to have finished their work with us in as little as 18 sessions together and 4 sessions individually.

What should we expect in the first family therapy session?

The first session typically involves the therapist getting to know the clients, understanding their concerns, and establishing goals for therapy. It's an opportunity for the members in the family to express their perspectives and for the therapist to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

What if I don’t want to express something in front of my family member?

While most sessions have the needed members of the family present, some sessions might require only one member - depending on what is being addressed. The family therapist will have individual sessions with each member separately to get a holistic picture of what the concern looks like. In these sessions, confidentiality is maintained even from the family member, and only mutually agreed upon aspects of the relationships are then taken up in the combined sessions.

Is the discovery call really free?

We've got two types of discovery calls to understand your concerns and family dynamics. The first is a 15-minute individual discovery call, while the second is a 30-minute call along with your family member. You can choose either of the two. Plot twist? It's absolutely free.

How much does therapy cost?

A 80-90 minutes session with a Pause Therapist costs Rs 4500 in India & US$100 for persons abroad.

What if I don't like my Therapist?

In case your match doesn't work, we'll return your session fees & match you again for free.

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