Journaling for the Soul: Creative Ways to Start Journaling

Image of an artistic journal with colorful pages and doodles, representing creative ways to start journaling for the soul

If you enjoyed writing as a child or an adolescent, chances are you might have had a diary where you penned your thoughts. Even if not, most people are familiar with maintaining journals and personal diaries that keep the most reminiscent memories tucked away.

Journaling has grown to be one of the most popular self-care activities these days. Therapists also recommend journaling as a way of reflecting on your experiences and untangling your train of thought. It represents a record of your experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

When you think of journaling, several representations of it might come to mind. However, journaling doesn’t look one particular way. If simply writing isn’t really your thing, there are multiple other creative ways you can get started!

  1. One Photo a Day📸

If you’re not really fond of writing as a way of journaling, capturing just one picture or a brief video a day can be a way to document your experiences. It’s a very convenient and time-saving way of journaling, especially if you’re a more visual person.

  1. Poetry 🪶

Journaling is also a great way to express yourself artistically. If you think in rhymes and poems, your journal can hold your musings. You can use prompts to write your pieces or write in a free flow.

  1. Bullet Journaling 📝

Bullet journaling involves using a system of bullets and symbols to categorize and organize information. This will be best suited for you if you want a quick record of your days, usually in the form of bullet points. They can help you prioritise different tasks, take notes, and reflect.

  1. Art Journals 🎨

If you’re into art, sketching, or doodling, art journals might appeal to you. You can treat your journal as a space to explore different art forms, use sketches to express your feelings, or just doodle. You can make it as creative as you want it to be.

  1. Dream Journals ⛅

Ever had a bizarre dream that you wanted to tell others but couldn’t recall? Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were the “royal road to the unconscious”. While you may or may not agree, capturing dreams in your journal can be an interesting activity. You can keep a journal to record your dreams and maybe also reflect on them.

  1. Brain Dumps 🧠

If you’re someone who doesn’t like too much structure when it comes to writing, brain dumps might be for you. Just take a piece of paper or a diary and write whatever comes to your mind at that moment. There are no rigid rules to brain dumps. They’re perfect for times when you find yourself overthinking. Putting all your thoughts down may often bring more clarity.

  1. Morning Pages ☕

If you’re looking to make journaling a daily, consistent habit, morning pages can be a good way to start. They involve writing around 2-3 pages every morning as soon as you wake up. They also do not involve any structure as you’re free to write whatever comes to your mind, first thing in the morning. Morning pages can be helpful to get your creative juices as you take out some time for yourself to just write.